Accessing Office 365’s Online Archive

Accessing Office 365’s Online Archive

Online Archiving for Office 365 is a powerful tool that allows users to offload email from their regular mailbox and enables the possibility of unlimited email storage.

Some reasons users may use online archiving is to take advantage of unlimited email storage (specific licenses required). Mac users also don’t have the ability only to sync partial mailboxes, so archiving can be very useful for Mac users with large mailboxes.

If you already have Online Archiving enabled, please follow the instructions below to access your Online Mailbox, if you would like to enable archiving click here to open a support ticket so this can be enabled for your account.

Instructions to access your Office 365 Online Archive

  • From a web browser go to and log in.
  • Once logged you should see Outlook, if you are not automatically logged into your Web Outlook simply click the Outlook button.
  • For users with Online Archiving on the left bar to the bottom, you will see “Online Archiving” (name may vary) as another mailbox underneath your current mailbox.
  • From there you can browse or search what you need, you can also use the search feature on this page to search Entire Mailbox (includes archived emails).

Starting Windows 10 in Safe Mode

If you are unable to access your computer for whatever reason, or you are getting errors. Safe Mode can be helpful in accessing your files to backup, or for IT support to help resolve a software issue.

Here is how to start in Safe Mode in Windows 10.

  1. Click the Start Button and then the the power option, hold the SHIFT key and click Restart.
  2. Your PC will boot up to a startup screen asking you to “Choose an Option”. Click “Troubleshoot” then “Advanced Options”, followed by “Startup Settings”. Then click Restart.
  3. The PC will boot again asking you to choose a Startup Type, please press F5.

    Windows will load now in Safe Mode, it may not appear the same, and you won’t have full functionality, but you should be able to now access your desktop.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

When encountering an issue that may need tech support there are some quick steps you can do to expedite the process, and possibly even resolve the error yourself.

Please follow these steps to try and resolve your issue, and possibly assist support staff in responding quickly and efficiently.

  • Is there an error message? If so note it down exactly as it appears, you can even use your phone to take a photo of the error. This will be helpful in troubleshooting with support staff in the event a simple reboot does not resolve the issue.
  • Did you try and restart your computer? Restarting the computer can resolve many issues so be sure to close and save your work and reboot your Mac or PC.
  • Is your issue printer related? Quite often printer issues are not related to the PC itself, but on the printer. Check the printer for any error lights, paper jams, or even if it simply needs more toner, ink or paper.
  • Have you run updates? Updates can be annoying, but they also help resolve issues with security and possible conflicts or corruption.
    For Windows, click the start button, then settings (the image of a gear). Then click Updates and Security, and run a Windows Update.

    If you have other programs, you can usually find an update option in the file, or help menu.
  • Still having a problem? Click Here to open a trouble ticket and have your problem resolved, don’t forget when you send in your ticket please include all the error information collected above.